Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day

In order to ATTEMPT to get Jesse his Valentines Day presents this year, we had to do it early and get it in the mail at the beginning of February. Ellie and I added lots of personal touches to it, including making him his favorite cookies and Ellie made him a card. We put lots of other treats in the package that Ellie drew ALL OVER so he got lots of love on that holiday.

On the actual holiday, Jesse had already decided he wanted to give Ellie balloons. They are one of her favorite things. He also knows me well enough to know that pretty flowers are nice, but they always die and I would rather have a plant flower that I can put in the ground and enjoy for many years. When he did the research, he found that sending me a hydrangea plant and Ellie one balloon was $75 - NO THANKS! So, with his permission, I was able to go to the store and pick out the hydrangea plant I wanted (blue) and Ellie's balloons for less than $30. I had gotten her a few other treats, but the balloons were ALL DADDY!

Learning what a Heart means (with a message to Daddy)

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