Saturday, October 24, 2009

Early Halloween

My mom brought Jesse and I a really great pumpkin a few weeks ago and we decided to celebrate Halloween a little early since Jesse will be gone next 2 weeks (training at Ft. Knox) by carving the pumpkin. We both haven't carved one in YEARS, but we thought it would be fun to do together and also to practice since we'll have a child next year. Jesse thought of our design so we cut off the top and then took out the insides, keeping the seeds. We actually baked the pumpkin seeds to use as our snack during the UT v. Alabama game once we were finished. We are proud to reveal our Cragwall pumpkin for 2009!

Hardwick Family Baby Shower

Jesse and I had our first baby shower Oct. 11th in Macon, GA from the Hardwick Family. They put together a shower/reunion for the family and it was great to see everyone! We got some very thoughtful and adorable (of course) gifts for Ellie. We knew the food would be amazing with the Hardwick women cooking (our caterer from our wedding was one of them) and they definitely didn't disappoint.

I wanted everyone to see the Hardwick women that came so people can see my dad's side of the family. (From left to right) My HUGE self, Norma Banks, Aunt Barbara, Mom, Kala Hardwick, Bobbie Jo Carver, Maxine Hardwick & Jeanne Hardwick. (Missing but were there -Ashley Carver, Jewett Hardwick, Pam Smith, Judy, and Martha McMahon Stewart)
We now have a great start on stuff for Ellie - we only had a few clothes beforehand! Thanks to all of these ladies for putting together a great afternoon of family, food, and generous presents for our future baby girl!


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