Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ellie's 1st Snow Day

We woke up this morning to 6+ inches of snow on the ground - a great day to stay indoors and be lazy! Thankfully I made it to the grocery store yesterday before it got bad, so we are fully stocked for a few days of going nowhere. Here are two short videos of our front yard and back yard views today.

We decided to take Ellie outside to experience the snow since it was her first snow day and we wanted to share pictures from it - she was adorable!

Family Photo

Ellie bouncing in the snow on her feet - yep, she can put weight on her feet already!

Mommy & Ellie

Ellie laying in the snow - so cute!

Mommy & Callie

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1 Month Old!!

Can you believe it?! Ellie is already 1 month old. She is doing great - weighing over 9lbs now and nursing like a champ. We are now in the stage of working with her on getting her days and nights figured out and she is doing much better. Her afternoons and early evenings usually consist of a tantrum or two because we are keeping her awake, but she is always much better once she is fed. I am working with her to feed quicker because she was taking her precious time and now she spits up more due to too much milk. She's getting better and I'm figuring out what to watch for so it's a learning process every day! I am feeling a little bit more confident as a mom, but not out in public yet - HA! We took our first trip to Knoxville this past weekend to introduce her to our friends and some of Jesse's family and it was a success! Jesse's family was great in taking her off our hands for a bit and letting us get some sleep. She really enjoyed them all so it was a nice break. She also went to church for the first time and slept through the entire service, only squeaking a little here and there. :) She is gaining more and more neck control and we are working on getting her in to that crib for longer periods of time. I thought I would share a few pictures of her that have been taken recently so everyone can see how she changes over time. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Job

Well, I now have a new job - stay-at-home mommy! It is definitely taking some getting used to, even though I went 9 months without working in 2008. I have already found that I need a little project or task each day so I feel productive being home all the time. It will get easier when Ellie and I as a team are a little more mobile, but the breastfeeding is a little confining at the moment! I love our new baby girl and she grows on us more and more each day - we have truly been blessed! I look forward to more bonding time with her other than feeding and can't wait for her to get into more of a routine in the next few weeks. Please pray for this new phase of our lives as parents and the transition we are making - it's a challenge but one that we know God has prepared us for!


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