Thursday, March 17, 2011

15 Months Old

Another milestone reached - 15 months! Ellie is still changing each month and it never ceases to amaze me how she develops. A few notable facts about our little girl:
  • She has 4 molars now = 12 teeth!
  • She is 23lbs, 9oz, 31 1/4 inches tall
  • She can turn in circles (a new dance move)
  • She loves to walk, especially outside
  • She is still napping for me 2x a day (Praise God!)
  • She loves to dance while her dad plays the guitar for her
  • She's starting to climb on the playground equipment at her school and LOVES slides
  • She isn't crying nearly as much when I take her to her program 2x a week
  • She is getting along well with Callie and they seem to have an understanding :)

I am loving her comprehension of things we say and how she catches on to new things quickly. Jesse has been spending lots of time with her, prepping for his time away and strengthening his bond with her. We cherish every moment we can spend together!

Spring Break Trip

For my Spring Break with work, I decided to fly down to my parents and spend a good week down there for a break from K-town, good food, old friends and some sun. We thought Jesse couldn't come due to being in Haiti for his job with One Vision, but that trip ended up cancelling and deployment training started, allowing time for him to come down with us for 2 days. Jesse hasn't been to FL with me in almost 2 years so having him with me, even for a short time, was great. We flew down Friday morning and got there in time to drop Jesse off in Lakeland for the last few innings of a Detroit Tigers spring training game that my dad went to. Mom and I went on home and got Ellie down for a good long nap after all the travelling we did. We went out to dinner at a local restaurant called Mike's that our family has gone to for years - YUMMY! We ended the night with a stop at Dairy Queen for a sweet treat.

The next morning, we planned to meet up with some friends - Mark & Becky Wright (kids are Grace and Hope) and Jenny Doyen (who's hubby comes home from deployment any day now) and her daughter Macy - at Funtasia, an indoor playground for young kids. Ellie had a blast! She immediately started playing with Macy and loved going down the slide. Then, we took them over to a ball pit and Ellie loved it. She eventually learned how to climb up to get to the slide and then would crawl down face first. It was so neat to have our kids play together while we were able to visit.
Jesse and I did a little shopping and then returned to my parent's for a birthday steak dinner and Publix Cake!
Papa and Ellie grilling steaks outside by the RV
Just look at that cake....YUMMY!!!!
I took Jesse to the airport Sunday morning while my parents babysat so we could go on a Waffle House breakfast date and have some quality time together before he left (he had training at Ft. Jackson, SC all week). That afternoon, Mom and I went to Bealls (FL dept store) and also took Ellie outside to let her explore the yard. We ended the day with Pizza from ABC's and more Publix Cake.
Monday, Mom and I took Ellie to my Uncle Whit and Aunt Cathy's beach house at Anna Maria to visit and let Ellie swim in their heated pool. Definitely was a good day! We even were able to fit in a little outlet shopping on the way home and finished the day with Checker's for dinner.
Tuesday, I was supposed to go to lunch with my friend Hayley but she came down with the flu, so I stayed home and layed out in the sun while the weather was awesome. Mom made one of my favorite casseroles for dinner and of course we had Publix cake for dessert!

(above) Ellie playing on a toy that mom had for me as a kid
(below) Ellie LOVED playing with the oranges in the backyard
Wednesday, I took Ellie to see my dad and his co-workers and then met up with my friend Shari for a kid-free lunch at the Stanford Inn (the house in the movie "My Girl"). I had caviar for the first time ever (in Bartow - even more shocking) but the lunch was awesome. Our mom's were watching the kids and we met up with them afterwards for a visit. Mom and I went to Kohl's for a little more shopping and then we came home and had a pork chop dinner. Thursday, I treated myself to a pedicure and ran a few errands, but pretty much spent some time at the house due to the rain. We ended up getting Red Lobster take-out for dinner that was awesome. Mom and I flew back to Knoxville on Friday, but we had an hour delay before boarding our plane. That was quite interesting for a toddler! As soon as we got back, we had lunch at the country store down the road for some catfish and then we put Ellie down for a nap. Jesse got home shortly after and Mom and I headed out to the Jack & Jules consignment event to look for toys. Our week ended with a good dinner at Jason's Deli (mom had never eated there). I had a great week off and it was full of good food, help with Ellie, visits with friends and family and of course shopping! I was so pleased with how Ellie did in all the travel and how quickly she adapted to the crib my parents had. It made me more prone to visit there longer this summer, knowing how well she did.

Monday, March 14, 2011

31 Years Old

Since Ellie gets all the updates on this blog each month, I thought I would take time for an update on me! March 5th was my 31st birthday. Once I turned 30 last year, this birthday just isn't that exciting. BUT, it was still MY DAY and I had a great one! Growing up, my parents always made a big deal of our birthdays by letting us have parties with friends (taking turn each year), making our favorite meals and finishing the day off with a glorious Publix Cake! They also went all all since my brother and I share the same birthday and we aren't twins (perfect timing). So, my parents delivered by flying our little family down to FL and having a yummy steak dinner with Publix cake for dessert (shared with Jesse since he'll be gone on his birthday)! Another year has passed, and I look at what I have become: a well-educated professional, a wife, a mother, a sister, a soon-to-be aunt, a daughter (in-law too), and a friend to many! That adds up to 31 productive years! I love my life and I wouldn't change a thing. God has blessed me with wonderful friends and family and I consider my little world to be my true happy place!


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