Wednesday, September 22, 2010

FL v. TN Weekend

My parents decided that they couldn't wait to see Ellie until the holidays so they drove up to "tailgate" at our house and watch the FL v. TN game. They arrived Thursday night while I was teaching and I met up with them later that evening. I came home to find Ellie playing with them and smiling like crazy - she remembered them both! Friday, Mom and I did a little shopping for Ellie and then we all met up at this Country Store down the road to have a good ol' Catfish lunch. We all had some things we had to get done that afternoon and then we went to dinner at Aubry's. Ellie had a blast people-watching! On Saturday, mom and I ran to Kohl's (as you can see, we like to shop together) and dad went puttering to check out some condos and homes in the area. Jesse studied and watched Ellie and then we met up at the house for lunch and football. I made Dad and Jesse some Old Bay Wings for game time and we watched the game together. We grilled out steaks for dinner and had a nice evening visiting. Mom and Dad left Sunday morning - the visit was too short, but so good! I love having Ellie around both sets of grandparents! I know my parents really enjoyed being around her because she is so much more interactive and is a lot more independent when she plays. Thanks for coming up, Grammie & PopPop! We loved having you here.

Goodbye Active Duty, Hello Reserves

September 19th was Jesse's last day as active duty Army. We were mixed about the ending of this "era" in our lives. We were happy because he's home with us, no more calls to do petty tasks, no more "parenting" soldiers who don't know how to behave, no more early morning PTs, and no more problems taking time off. We were sad because it's been a great paycheck every month, discounts have been great, we miss the commisary meat prices (grocery store on post), we miss our Army friends, and it truly changed our marriage and our lives by joining up (including adding a child in the mix)!

Jesse chose to go into the Army Reserves here in Knoxville. He's got a slot in a Cival Affairs unit as a Captain (which means promotion) and a guarantee of no deployment for 24 months. We'll see how long he stays in, but it will be a good paycheck and will provide us with great Tricare insurance to just work 2 days a month. Plus, it keeps him connected to the military. If Big Army will get all of his paperwork in place and will put him on the roster at his unit here, he will start drilling in October. So, even though we are active duty no more, we are still doing the military thing by transitioning into the reserves. Goodbye, 1/75 Cav, 2nd Brigade, 101st Airborne. Hello, 489th Civil Affairs Battalion! HOOAH!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

9 Months Old!

Ellie is growing up! Each month, I am amazed when I look back at all of her new tricks and how she is changing. I can't believe she is already 9 months old - seems crazy that time has passed by so quickly, but if you asked me about the day she would be 9 months old when she was born, I would have passed out at the thought of how long that would be. So, here's the monthly report of what she can do now:

1. I found her standing in her crib not too long ago and now all she wants to do it stand everywhere!

2. She can sit in a high chair at a restaurant without any help and bang on the table.

3. I've added a few foods in for her to start getting used to big people food (like pureed pot roast or bites of our food at the table).

4. She can feed herself these little flavored puffs and she likes to make lots of noise as she does it.

5. She has learned to clap (Patty Cake) and has really discovered her hands in the last few weeks and the movement she can make with them.

6. Tooth #4 is here so she doesn't have to look like a little snaggletooth for long on her top two teeth.

7. Her "Army high crawl" is getting faster, but she is still trying to figure out how to move on her knees and hands. We've witnessed a few tries on the knees, but she defaults back to the ol' trusty reliable way to get around.

8. She loves to sit at windows and mirrors.

9. She is wearing 6-9 month clothing and size 3 diapers.

10. She had her 1st check-up with her Knoxville pediatrician and she weighed 18lbs 10 oz (48%)and is 27 inches long (50%). I expected her to weight over 20 lbs since it's been 3 months, but she has remained at a steady weight gain and is doing great!

11. She goes to a Parent's Day Out program on Thursdays from 9am - 2pm and loves being around the other kids (and it gives Mommy a break).

12. She has swam in a real pool 2 times this month with her Aunt April and once with her Daddy and her friend Reagan (RayRay).

13. She still loves to be read books and her favorite toys have been cups that she can yell in, any TV remote or cell phone she can hold and bite on, and her cat face that meow's at her.

It's amazing how quickly this time with her is going, but I am truly blessed to be able to watch this adorable little girl grow up. I can't even imagine life without her now. I love you, Ellie Belly!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bath Time Videos

Here are two videos of Ellie during bath time that made us laugh - this is her on a normal night playing with her toys and splashing around. You can see how she is exploring her surroundings more and how she has really discovered the use of her hands. She loves to talk to the toys, so get ready to smile! :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Last Active Duty Task

Jesse was asked to say the prayer at the first football game of the season for Christian Academy of Knoxville (CAK). It was a military themed night with the Air National Guard flying in some helicopters and landing for the kids to come and check them out. Since my best friend's hubby is the athletic director, he thought it would be perfect to have someone from the 101st Airborne say the prayer for the evening. It was a great game with CAK winning and the military support. Ellie even wore CAK colors! This is the last "task" Jesse has had for active duty Army during his terminal leave which ends Sept. 19th! :) HOOAH!

Monday, September 6, 2010

1st Day of School

All 3 of us had our own 1st day of school this year. My new job has me back to school 2 nights a week, teaching 2 sections of the College Success course. Jesse went back to school at UT to finish his doctorate by taking 3 courses each semester. AND, Ellie started a Parent's Day Out program one day a week so she can be around some other kids and start learning to play with them. So here are Jesse and Ellie's first days going back to school! :)


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