Wednesday, September 22, 2010

FL v. TN Weekend

My parents decided that they couldn't wait to see Ellie until the holidays so they drove up to "tailgate" at our house and watch the FL v. TN game. They arrived Thursday night while I was teaching and I met up with them later that evening. I came home to find Ellie playing with them and smiling like crazy - she remembered them both! Friday, Mom and I did a little shopping for Ellie and then we all met up at this Country Store down the road to have a good ol' Catfish lunch. We all had some things we had to get done that afternoon and then we went to dinner at Aubry's. Ellie had a blast people-watching! On Saturday, mom and I ran to Kohl's (as you can see, we like to shop together) and dad went puttering to check out some condos and homes in the area. Jesse studied and watched Ellie and then we met up at the house for lunch and football. I made Dad and Jesse some Old Bay Wings for game time and we watched the game together. We grilled out steaks for dinner and had a nice evening visiting. Mom and Dad left Sunday morning - the visit was too short, but so good! I love having Ellie around both sets of grandparents! I know my parents really enjoyed being around her because she is so much more interactive and is a lot more independent when she plays. Thanks for coming up, Grammie & PopPop! We loved having you here.

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