Monday, February 13, 2012

And then it's over....

15 days....15 WONDERFUL days of Jesse being home, being my husband, being a daddy, being a son, being a brother, and then he's gone. That was the hardest part of R&R. He had to return to this deployment after experiencing normal life. Going back to the "normal deployment routine" with Ellie wasn't a problem. It was dealing with her separation anxiety after he left and her asking more often about him. Her wanting to be "tickle tickle" by Daddy and hearing a sound and watching for him to come through the garage door. That was tough. BUT, she has adjusted well and had a great time with her Daddy. I had a great time with my husband. Lots of memories were made and we all had quality time with him. We miss him dearly and are ready to kick this deployment in the butt and be done with it! Be safe, Soldier! We love you!

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