Monday, February 6, 2012

A Nashville Christmas

After a week of appointments for Jesse and errands, we (including Jesse's family) travelled to Nashville for a quick trip to see his extended family. After a stop at the Lebanon Outlets, our first stop was StoneyRiver for a steak and presents with Bill & Cindy Mason (Poppi & Pippa to Ellie). They treated us to a nice dinner and Jesse was able to catch up with them while I chased Ellie around and ultimately ended up in the car before dinner was over. I got to visit with them more once we got to Maggie Moos for some ice cream and late Christmas presents. Ellie LOVED going there! Plus, getting new toys was an added bonus for her! She really enjoys seeing them. After a great visit, we headed to Franklin to stay with Jason & Lena Cox. Ellie loves listening to their new cd (check it out and was thrilled to see them at their home. We got to visit with them and a good night's sleep before going to breakfast with them at Cracker Barrel in the morning.

Ellie discovered Jason & Lena's piano and got busy playing her tryout for their band

After breakfast, Jesse and I ran a few errands before going to his Aunt's house to meet up with the entire Cragwall crew. Despite the rainy day, we had a yummy brunch prepared by Jana and we did presents late for them as well. It's fun to get all the cousin's together (6 in all) and have them play. To Ellie, the Fuller boys are "the boys" and of course she always loves to see Parker and Taylor! It's always great to see that side of the family.

Ellie found the Fuller's piano very quickly and started singing away...

We all left the Fullers and headed to Nana's house to see Jesse's mom's side of the family for a late Christmas as well. Nana had some snacks out to munch on and we were able to have some time with just her before everyone got there. As soon as Grandmommy arrived, Ellie roped her in to playing and they "found" Nana's make-up. Here's what happens when Ellie finds lipstick:

We exchanged some presents and visited with Jesse's uncle and his family before heading back to Knoxville in the rain. We always have a good time visiting the Nashville clan!

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