Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jesse's Homecoming for R&R

Jesse's return was such a high for our little family over the holidays. It was hard not having him around for Ellie's 2nd birthday and Christmas, but we had planned for him to be home when it would be most relaxing for him - bowl games! Jesse's family met Ellie and I at the airport to greet Jesse when he got off the plane. He had caught an earlier flight that had been delayed, but we were able to get to the airport in time. Unfortunately, I didn't get the text from him telling me he had landed b/c I was having to keep an eye on Ellie so she didn't fall over the ledge trying to touch the water so we had no idea he was there until he walked right up to Ellie and said hello to her. UGH! But, at that point, we didn't care and just wanted to hug him. So much for the sign I had ordered and the crowd that was there to cheer!

Ellie giving me a heart attack - she wanted to touch the water so badly!
Jesse's Dad waiting for the flight to arrive and ready with a camera...
Ellie was THRILLED to see him! I think it was great that he was in his uniform and she was able to connect that Daddy was home from "work". She didn't want him to leave her sight. Then, I got my HUG and KISS! Man, it had been a while and I was so happy to be able to embrace him and know he was safe. Enjoy the reunion pics!

The sign we didn't have ready when he came down the terminal...UGH!
Ellie finally got to touch the water...mission complete!
What better way to celebrate a homecoming than with a Publix Cake?!

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