Monday, February 13, 2012

Global Planting Initiative (GPI)

One of the things that took up a lot of our time while Jesse was home was the non-profit he is starting as of July 1, 2012. After lots of prayer and counsel, we decided to move forward with this idea of Jesse starting a religious non-profit that contracts services out to churches part-time to be their missions pastor or consultant with the primary intent to plant churches internationally. It was a need that came about in many conversations Jesse had with local pastors when he worked for One Vision International and with the help of Providence Church, we are moving forward and really doing it! So, while he was home, he met with several churches, pitching the idea and getting some feedback. He also spoke to our chuch on the day he was returning to the deployment for exposure and information on what he will be doing. I'm really proud of him for diving in to this and following through. Please pray for us as we are working through the business end of things right now and preparing for this job once he returns from Afghanistan.

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