Friday, February 3, 2012

A Cragwall Christmas

We waited to do the Cragwall Family Christmas until after Jesse got home. The morning after his return, we did our own little family Christmas morning with a pancake breakfast and presents! The biggest hit by far was Ellie's new Elmo book, "Together at Heart" from Daddy that he recorded for her. It is an AWESOME book for kids, especially for military kids with a parent deployed. She kept reading through it over and over again.

We all went over to Jesse's parent's house to do a big Christmas meal later that day. This was Jesse's special request - a big holiday meal. After eating, we opened presents. Everyone did great for each other this year. Lots of thought put in to everyone's gifts.

The grand finale present for Ellie from her Grandparents was a new electric car! Man, was she pumped! She got in and wanted to drive it around so we took it outside to their backyard and let her take a spin. The only problem we had was getting her out of the car!

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