Saturday, April 21, 2012

Good Friday Cragwall Celebration

Since we couldn't get together on Easter Sunday, the Cragwall family decided to get together on Good Friday to have a picnic and egg hunt. Jesse's parents picked up yummy barbque from a local place called "Dead End" and everyone else brought the extras - drinks, dessert, utensils, etc. We met at a park I had never been to called McPhee Park in Farragut. It was a really nice one - they use shredded tires instead of dirt and they even had a mixture of toddler playground equipment and older kid equipment. Ellie was excited to be able to play with her bigger cousin's - Taylor and Parker!
    We played for a bit before eating and then sat down for our meal together. Afterwards, the cousins did an egg hunt and had a blast finding them!
Grandmommy & Aunt Jamie singing a song Ellie really liked.
We played a little more and then opened special Easter presents from Grandmommy and Grandaddy. Each of the grandkids got some great treats - very thoughtful! It was a fun outing with the family. Definitely a great way to start the Easter
Opening Easter treats from Grandmommy & Grandaddy
Ellie enjoyed the egg hunt so much that she had to have a few more when we got home in our backyard.  She still goes straight for the treats inside the eggs!

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