Sunday, April 15, 2012

Decorating Eggs

In preparation for Easter egg hunts, I picked up a egg dye kit from the store so Ellie and I could have an activity to do one night. Last year, she did this activity with Mimi and Pa. This year, it was just me! I made sure to have everything ready and Ellie helped me pour the vinegar, water and tablets in so we could watch the colors form and name each one. It was a lot more fun this year seeing her understand what we were doing. The only concept left for her to grasp is that eggs are breakable. She wanted to keep picking up the eggs with the spoon and then drop them back in the dye. Maybe next year...

Decorating them with stickers the next day - notice we are missing 2 (shattered shells from dropping them)

A little song for Daddy

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