Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Denny Boys

One of our favorite things to do since living in our house in Knoxville has been to walk around the neighborhood at night. Usually, this consists of a long stop at the Denny's house, my best friend from FL that lives in my same neighborhood. She has 3 boys - Isaac, Micah and Thad (we call him Thadpole). Ellie LOVES spending time with them so we try to do so whenever we can. Becca's husband has to work many nights of the week in his job (athletic director at a private school) so we try to visit when we can for sanity and company. Recently, they made the decision to put their house up for sale due to having CRAPPY neighbors and they wanted to build. Their house sold in time for them to get the house they have been wanting. SO, we have been trying to spend as much time with them at their house before they moved. Here are some pics and video of them riding bikes (and Ellie and Thad trying).

Here are some pics from our attempt to get a picture of the four of them so we could document their ages and sizes before Becca moved. I put a couple of them on here so you could see how hilarious it was to try to get all 4 of them to look at the camera at the same time!

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