Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ellie Meets the Hardwick Clan

For Thanksgiving this year, we traveled to Macon, GA to meet up with my parents for a visit with the Hardwick side of our family. We haven't seen them since I was pregnant with Ellie, so we were excited to introduce Ellie to them all. My brother hooked us up with a great hotel suite and my parents did the RV thing at a beautiful park on the lake. We met up for a yummy dinner at S&S Cafeteria and then called it a night on Wednesday. Thursday, we had a slow morning at the hotel and met up with my parents at the RV after Ellie's morning nap. She had fun crawling around the RV and then we headed over to Bobbie Jo & Hugh Carver's house (Bobbie Jo was the caterer for our wedding - amazing cook!). One of the people I most wanted Ellie to meet was my Great Aunt Barbara. She was one of my grandmother's best friends and once Mama passed away, Aunt Barbara was our honorary grandmother. She is also Bobbie Jo's mom (for family connection). Ellie immediately liked Aunt Barbara and had a good time with her. She also really liked Bobbie Jo's husband, Hugh, as well as Jeanne (Bobbie Jo's sister-in-law). It was great to hang out with that side of the family for a while and catch up with them. It was also an amazing meal (as expected). Friday morning, we had a good breakfast, packed up and spent a little time with my parents before we headed back to Knoxville. We spent the rest of Thanksgiving weekend decorating for Christmas and spending some time with Jesse's family watching football. It was a great Thanksgiving, full of family, good food and rest. We are so thankful to have such a large family (Cragwall's and Hardwick's) that care about us!
(The following video is Ellie playing in the hotel...the best is at the end! - sorry it's sideways)

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