Sunday, December 19, 2010

Early Nashville Christmas

The Cragwall's decided to do an early Nashville Christmas with our extended family so we all packed up and headed over in shifts. Our first stop was on Friday evening at Nana's house. The Mullens' (Jesse's Uncle Spunky, Aunt Linda and Cousin Hannah) came over to visit with us as well and we exchanged presents. Nana gave Ellie a really neat book and the Mullens' gave Ellie some new bath toys she loves and a stuffed animal with a blanket. She had met Nana and Aunt Linda before, but had not met Spunky or Hannah. Suprisingly, she went right to Hannah the moment she met her! Ellie also loved Nana (and especially the necklace she was wearing)! It was a nice visit with that portion of the family. We left and met up with Jason and Lena Cox for dinner at Cracker Barrell and then we went to their house for the night and stayed with them (thank you!). Lena had to work in the morning, but Jason took us out to Waffle House for breakfast! :) We then did some errands and headed over to the Fuller's House (Uncle Cecil, Aunt Jana and Cousins Evan, Jansen and Spencer). Jesse's Uncle Jeff also joined us for a yummy brunch and then presents! Ellie got a new Winnie the Poo stacker toy that she loves to dance with when the music comes on and some fabric ornaments for the bottom of our Christmas tree from the Fuller's. She loved being around her cousins and getting all the attention she got! Despite the bad weather on the way back, it was a great day with family. We took this video of Ellie with her counsin Taylor as they were playing with this singing snowman and dog - Ellie really liked it and danced to the music!

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