Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Prayers Needed!!

Some of you may know, but my boss is currently out on maternity leave for her first child. Heidi had a pretty uneventful pregnancy until she reached 30 weeks. The doctors started noticing that she was gaining extra weight, which ended up being extra amniotic fluid. After 3 different amniocentesis procedures to eliminate usually up to 2 extra liters of fluid in her, she ended up having to have Baby Braden 4 weeks early on Tuesday of last week by c-section. Heidi came out of the surgery fine, but Braden did not. They noticed he wasn't moving from the waist down and that he had a tongue defect which prevented him from swallowing, explaining the extra fluid problems Heidi was having. About a day later, they transported him to the Vanderbilt NICU to figure out what was wrong with him. They have diagnosed Braden with Myotubular Myopathy, a neuromuscular disease that affects his ability to move voluntary muscles. Sadly, he hasn't been able to breathe on his own or swallow and this genetic disorder progressively gets worse, with a short life expectancy. We just got word that after long discussions with many specialists, Heidi and her husband have decided to make the painful decision of letting him go this coming Friday. Please pray for them as they deal with this awful situation, praying that God would supply them comfort during their grieving process. Also, her husband will most likely be deployed with the National Guard soon, so pray that they will have time as a couple and family to deal with the loss of Braden. Thank you.

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