Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome to the Family!

This past Sunday, Jesse and I went to Brentwood Baptist in Nashville, TN for church to see my friend Katrina be baptized. Anyone that knows her will understand how much of a milestone this was in her life. I met her over 4 years ago in my Masters program at UTK. In the first class I had with her, she announced that she was an athiest. Gradually, we started to get to know each other and I adopted her as my editor of all my papers. She is incredibly intelligent and thirsts for knowledge so I knew that I needed to be prepared when I talked to her. We started talking more and more about my faith and church and I invited her to come with me one Sunday. She came and started asking even more questions about Christianity. She read many books and sought answers from several Christians. After graduation, she moved to Nashville for a job and had a friend invite her to a Bible study through Brentwood Baptist. Through this outlet, she made the best choice of her life and became a member of the Family of God. It was so amazing to see her come this far and make such a bold statement of faith. What's even better is that her entire family came for the baptism and not one of them believes in God. The seeds were planted! Praise God that He saved her - welcome to the Family Katrina!

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Barrett said...

What an awesome story. Give our best to Katrina.


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