Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cragwall Christmas

Disclaimer #1: Due to being sick, I was unable to join Jesse and his extended family for their Christmas celebration in Franklin, TN. SO, there are no pictures on our end from the day.

We went to Knoxville after I got off work Jan. 2nd for the weekend to do Christmas with Jesse's immediate family and to celebrate Karen's (Jesse's mom) birthday - Happy Birthday Karen! We were able to visit with Jesse's best friend Jeff and his wife Lindsay Friday night for some late night dessert at Perkins! Then, we spent the night at Jesse's parents awesome new house. On Saturday, we went over to my best friend Becca's townhouse to visit and do a little Christmas with them. (I'm SUPER happy they have moved to Knoxville!) We then did our Christmas with Jesse's fam that evening - we ate some Cragwall Chili and had birthday cupcakes for dessert. It was great to visit with everyone and watch them open the gifts Jesse and I got for them - that's our favorite part!

Disclaimer #2: Due to the craziness of being back at work before going to Knoxville, I was a bad daughter-in-law and left all of Karen's birthday presents in my closet at home. (Of course, Jesse didn't remember them either so it's not ENTIRELY my fault) SO, she will be getting her presents a little later than usual. Sorry, Karen!

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