Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Country Christmas

A Country Christmas can simply be explained as Christmas in Florida at my parent's house. Mom goes all out with her decor and we do our Hardwick Family Christmas Traditions. Some of those include Christmas Eve with Ron and Connie Scheuchzer where we have soup and sandwiches and open gifts with them. The next morning, we always open stockings from Santa first in the family room while Mom starts the breakfast casserole. Then, we move to the living room where the tree is and open up gifts. Breakfast follows gifts and then everyone goes to take showers and get ready for the day. The girls help mom cook and we just lay around, watching "The Christmas Story" and other holiday movies on TV until it's ready. We have a BIG meal between 1 and 2 and then we lay around bloated for a good while sleeping and watching more Christmas movies. Around 7pm we all end up eating leftovers, including dessert which was an Italian Cream Cake this year! Our other tradition includes shopping the morning after but this year only Jesse and I ventured out into the crowds. Our newest tradition is picking on Lila, my parents new kitty (see below). So there you have it - our Country Christmas in FL!

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