Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Movie Review: Twilight

When I moved to Ft. Campbell, I was sucked into reading the first book of Stephanie Meyer's series, "Twilight" by two of my friends - Claire and Rebecca. I will have to admit - I got hooked! Although the books are designed for younger readers than myself, I fell in love with the storyline. Some people hesitate to read them since the story is built around vampires, but they are definitely PG-13. Because I got hooked, I finished the first book quickly and moved on to "New Moon" and "Eclipse" and read those even faster. I am currently about 25 pages from finishing the fourth book, "Breaking Dawn" and the storyline is still great! Check them out:
Now, on to the movie. I'm sure most of you have seen the craze for this movie - I saw it on the day it came out. It was by far, the closest movie to the book that I have ever seen! They did a great job on ALMOST everything. Some of the casting was not that great, but that was mainly in characters that aren't as big right now (i.e. Jacob and Eric). Everything was so close to what I pictured it to be, with the exception of the Cullen's house. I was totally impressed. The only downer was that I was one of the "older" people in the theater and there were teeny-bopper girls screaming with giddiness when Edward or Jacob came on screen - SILLY! It is a movie I would definitely see again and I look forward to the sequel that will come out eventually ( I had never heard of this series until this summer and look how popular it is now! I highly recommend to anyone to read the book before seeing the movie - it makes it so real in your mind! The books are lengthy, but worth the read.

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we should do another movie night with our hubbies... we had a great time at lunch and Josh thinks Jesse is great!


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