Monday, November 17, 2008

About what I said before regarding the beautiful tree...

Yeah....It was beautiful and all, but COME ON!! Enough with the leaves in my yard already! I've spent the last 3 weekends raking those leaves and if I have to rake again, I'm going to scream!!!! I've had amazing neighbors that have raked some for me when it was just ridiculous and I had to work - I am blessed! I was warned by our neighbors when we moved in that we needed a blower for this very purpose and I'm so glad we got one. They weren't joking at all! I sent pictures to Jesse so he could see what he has to look forward to next year - HA! This was the first big leaf drop...

This is the yard after my raking frenzy...check out the piles of leaves!

And then this is 2 days later....YEP! 2 DAYS LATER!!! AAAHHHH!!!!!

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