Thursday, September 4, 2008

Love me some East TN!

I decided to make a trip back to East TN for Labor Day weekend to see family, friends and shop. It also happened to be my father-in-law's birthday, so that worked out really well for me to be there! I was able to get my hair done by my fabulous hairdresser since college (any locals, I'd be happy to give you her name and number if you need one) - first great event of the weekend. The second great event of the weekend was a dinner date with Jesse's parents and sister, Jamie and one of my favorite restaurants there - Calhoun's! Man, it was yummy. I spent the rest of the evening with the Sr. Cragwall's and Jake (Jesse's little brother - the dog) watching a movie so it was a really fun time. Saturday, I did a few errands in the morning, ending with a lunch from Firehouse Subs (YUMMY again). I met up with Jesse's sisters, Jamie and April and her kids for a trip to the pool for some sun and fun. We had a blast with Parker and Taylor and it was nice to just sit around and have girl talk! That evening, we had Glenn's birthday party (he got to have a Spongebob Squarepants cake, courtesy of the kids) and ended the evening with a chat session on the webcams with Jesse and his family. It was a little irritating with the low wireless connection we had, but they all got to see each other and were able to chat online with Jesse as well. Sadly, I think it made him MORE homesick, but I know he was really excited to see them. Sunday, I was able to go to our church ( and it was so nice to be back in a church where everybody knows us both and I felt so welcomed to be there. Later that afternoon, I met up with my best friend, Becca and we did some shopping at some of the greatest stores ever - TJ Maxx, Homegoods and Ross. We met up with her hubby and boys at Salsaritas (again, YUMMY) for dinner and I had a great time with them. Monday, on my way out of town, I met up with my friends Laura, her hubby Zak, and Tracy who I met through working at UTK for breakfast at Mimi's Cafe (yes, it was YUMMY) and got to catch up with them and the old workplace. I finished off my GREAT weekend by meeting my mom at Opry Mills for some shopping (go figure)!! It was great to be around family again, especially since I was able to visit with Jesse's family and strengthen my relationships with them by myself. It was weird at times to be there without him and I expected him to come through the door at any minute, but I'm really glad I went. Thanks for the hospitality, Cragwall's and Dunn's!


Barrett said...

Mmmm yummy Calhouns! Man I miss East TN! Keep it up Leslie.

Speaks Family said...

I almost don't want Jared to come home for his two week stint because I feel the same way, that it will make it harder than just pushing through the next six months. Glad you had so much fun.


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