Tuesday, September 16, 2008

T-E-NN-E-SS-EE, Tennessee!!!

This past weekend, my best friend Becca called me up Friday night right before I was going to bed to let me know that they had a free extra ticket to the UT v. UA-Birmingham football game in Knoxville. So what does one do in this situation? GO, of course! I immediately went to bed so I could get as much sleep as possible. But, who could sleep well with the excitement of attending the first home game for UT?! I woke up early, drove as fast as I could with the fear of being caught in the back of my mind and what do I encounter? A wreck on I-40...just my luck. It put me back about 20 minutes but I made up for the time afterwards (Sorry, Jesus). I made it to campus with about 20 minutes before the game started and caught up with Becca and Steve. It was so much fun! You can't beat a home game in Neyland Stadium, especially one that UT wins significantly! Our seats were amazing, as you can see from where I am standing. It would have been even better if Jesse had been there with me, but I sent him text messages with updates of the game so he was included in the experience. Thanks, Becca and Steve and GO VOLS!

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Steve Denny said...

I finally got around to reading this thing and you are very welcome. I am so glad you were able to come and enjoy my first UT experience with me. I will never forget it!!! Love you!


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