Friday, March 23, 2012

Cragwall St. Patty's Day Party

One of my favorite get togethers with Jesse's family is on St. Patrick's Day. Since Jesse's mother's family has an Irish heritage, this is one of her favorite holiday's to celebrate and she goes ALL OUT! Each year, she makes a slammin' corned beef, cabbage and potatoes meal (my favorite thing she makes) and then, the leprechan's always leave green treats for the kids. The treats usually end up being a random assortment, but everything is green! This year, she did a scavenger hunt to find the presents for the grandkids. Ellie didn't get it, but Taylor and Parker had a blast! Opening Presents from the Leprechaun's

Doing Some Messy Bubbles and a Message to Jesse from your Mom
A rainbow to finish the night off appropriately - from the leprechaun's!

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