Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break in FL

Ellie and I flew down to FL on Friday, March 2nd and this time, she had her own seat! As painful as it was to pay for 2 seats instead of just one this time, it was worth every penny! She was so proud of herself and did a great job, with the help of a few "wahwepops" and a lovely portable dvd player. I was so ready for some relaxation and a few breaks from doing everything so it couldn't have come at a better time.
Riding Ellie's Bicycle
The first weekend we were there, we went up to the Bloomin' Arts Festival that my hometown hosts each year. I found some earrings that I loved and we got to walk around and see some people we knew.
We spent a lot of time out in the sun and one of Ellie's favorite things to do was to play in the sprinkler. I got to lay out and read a lot, which was super relaxing for me. It was great to have some time where I wasn't planning meals or had to be certain places.
Playing with the Pink Kitty Sprinkler

My birthday was on Monday and how better to start my day than with my favorite Publix donuts. Then, we went on a shopping spree to Beall's (my gift from my parents) and Ellie brought her own purse, stuffed with Bunny and Bear. We got out in the sun and then ended the day with a steak dinner and Publix cake (of course)! I also got some beautiful flowers from my Daddy.
My Birthday Cake Celebration
We went to visit a few friends of mine while down there for some playdates. First, we saw my friend Becky and her daughter Hope. After playing with LOTS of toys, we went outside and Ellie got to see some cows up close and jumped on the trampoline. Later that week, we went to Ashley's house and we ran Lake Hollingsworth with her little boy and Ellie in the double stroller. Then, we spent some time letting the kids play in Ashley's backyard and of course the trampoline was a great hit!
Jumping on the Trampoline with Bowen, my friend Ashley's little boy

"I got a scatch, Daddy!"

On Thursday, Dad took the day off and we headed out to the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. The Zoo was awesome - lots of great stuff for toddlers to do. It was my parent's first time going there too and I think they enjoyed it. Ellie had a great time!
Ellie's 1st Carousel Ride

We had lots of time playing in the backyard and Ellie had a great time playing in the water and with dirt. I found a water gun in my old stuff and Ellie LOVED playing with that!

Ellie's 1st Water Pistol

Our last full day in FL, we went to church and then came home after lunch. As soon as we changed clothes, I brought Ellie over to the Toddler Playground that is about 4 minutes from my house. Sadly, I didn't discover this until then but I wanted to give her some time to play. She quickly made friends with a 6 year old named Hayley that was really sweet and offered to take her around and play with her.
Bartow Toddler Playground

It was a great visit with my parents and I appreciated the help. It was a great break and very rejuvinating to get me through this last part of the deployment.

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