Sunday, September 4, 2011

2 Short Visits From Daddy

Yep, you read it right! The Ft. Dix pre-mobilization soldiers messed up Jesse's flight schedule (and 3 others from his unit) to where he was sitting around waiting to get a flight but they had put him on one and never told him! SO, the last 2 weeks, Jesse has come home on 4 day passes. CRAZY, huh?! Although it has been an emotional roller and a little pricey, we have had a great time having some extra days with him. On the first 4 day pass, I had lots of training for work, so Jesse had some quality time with Ellie, including a little Daddy/Daughter date. We also had some fun at the YMCA pool and were able to celebrate his Dad's birthday with his family.

This last 4 day pass was really fun. We were able to go to the YMCA pool again before it closes, a day trip to the Knoxville Zoo and Litton's for lunch, some errands and a good ol' football Saturday! Jesse was even able to go to church this morning to see everyone. Of course, we got lots of "I thought he already left - what's going on?" looks!

This deployment has been so weird, but I will take any extra days with him that I can get. I'm sure you other military wives know what I am talking about - the quality time outweighs the "goodbye mourning" we have to go through each time they leave. Jesse heads out this week on a flight to Afghanistan so he REALLY TRULY IS GONE this time. No more 4 day passes. No more medical leaves. The deployment really begins now. Definitely pray for him as he adjusts to the time change and environment. Also, he has been moved jobs and company's so he's going into a very unknown situation and work environment.

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