Sunday, September 18, 2011

21 Months Old!

Ellie is officially 21 months old today! It's amazing to see her development at this age - she's entertaining, silly and adorable MOST of the time! :) She said her first sentence yesterday - "All done me apple juice". Of course, it didn't sound like that. She's attempting to really try to communicate more. She names everything like "mommy's juice" or "daddy's shoes". She loves to dance, especially to Ring Around The Rosy. She has learned to say "Go Vols!" and she definitely asks to see "more Daddy" all the time. She has developed two special friends - one at church (Kinsley) and one at school (Kennedy). They both are special little girls that she loves to spend time with and are a great bargaining chip when I need her to get in the car and go to school or church! She definitely doesn't understand walking. She only runs everywhere she goes. She loves to read books, laugh and be tickled, and play outside. Her hair is long enough to put in a little ponytail and great for pigtails. She was moved up to the 2 year old room at school early because she was ready developmentally (proud mom statement). I can't brag enough on my adorable little girl. She has adjusted easily to Daddy being gone. She definitely asks for him and wants to see pictures or videos, but she has been resilient. There have been more epsides of testing her boundaries or throwing a little fit here and there when she doesn't get what she wants, but I definitely nip those in the bud as quickly as possible. We are in the phase of putting sign language to words now so that has been great teaching her new vocabulary. She still LOVES her kitty, hugging her and chasing her every day. This really is a fun stage with her! I look forward to spending this Fall with her. With Jesse being gone, it forces me to be more creative with how we spend our time and she is getting lots of love and attention from family and friends. I love my baby girl! :)

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TheConnorClan said...

She is such a beautiful, adorable, cute little doll! Love all of the pictures. She's the perfect combo of both of you!


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