Wednesday, August 10, 2011

He's Really Gone This Time

Well, Jesse finally got orders and was mobilized Tuesday, reporting to Ft. Dix, NJ for the next little bit to finish all his pre-deployment training before catching a plane to Afghanistan. We have had 9 WONDERFUL weeks with him full of quality family time and I am so grateful that we had that. The only thing I hate is that we had to do our goodbyes all over again. I hate them with a passion. And the 24 hours leading up to it is awful...the last cuddle, the last meal together, the last outing, the last's just cruel. So, this time, he's really gone. He was medically cleared about 3 weeks ago, but we were just waiting around for Big Army to get their act together and write up his orders. Ellie and I took him to the airport and each had our time to say goodbye. Ellie needed to do that to understand a little bit that Daddy's gone bye bye. She is much more attached this time so it's going to be a little more of a transition the next few weeks, but she is resilient. Jesse is missed dearly already and I crave his presence in our daily lives already. BUT, God has a plan and right now it involves him being away for a long time. Lord, grant me patience and contentment as Ellie and I move forward and get through this time of separation. Help us honor you with this deployment. Please keep my husband safe and bring him home soon!

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