Friday, August 6, 2010

Scariest Moment of My Life

We were on our way to Knoxville for the last time before the final move to finish up a few projects we needed to complete before bringing the rest of our stuff. We stopped to meet the Speaks (our Aberdeen, MD friends) at a McD's and then got back on the road to Knoxville. On our way, we took Briley Parkway to cut through to I-40 East. On the 2-laned entrance ramp to I-40, we were driving next to a semi-truck. Jesse commented that it was going too fast and then all of a sudden he screamed, "Hold on!" I braced myself as a semi-truck fell over on top of us, screaming Ellie's name over and over again. As soon as the craziness halted, I heard Jesse yell to get Ellie and I jumped out and found her covered in dirt, but completely fine. I helped Jesse get out of the car through my door and we yanked Ellie's car seat out and we got away from the car. Jesse was bleeding and having a hard time breathing so I immediately called 911. I checked Ellie out with the help of some ladies that had stopped and then I had cops get her food and diapers out of the car for me. A nurse and soldier had stopped and helped Jesse until the ambulance came. Thankfully, the bleeding was just his right hand but the medics strapped him in and took us all to the ER. We were all checked out, Jesse was stitched up and bandaged and we were able to leave that evening. Our friend Claire was amazing and helped me with Ellie and little details, but also drove us back to Ft. Campbell. We also had the help of Bill and Cindy Mason (holding Ellie in picture on right in ER - she was worn out) and it was so amazing to have them all there with us. Scariest moment of my life - you never want to have the moment of fear for your child's life and I had it. That motherly instinct kicked in high gear. I was shocked that I was more worried about Ellie than Jesse, but Ellie was helpless and Jesse wasn't. We are SO blessed and lucky to have made it out alive and with so little injuries. One day, we will tell Ellie about this wreck and she will see the craziness she experienced at such a young age. I'm so glad she will not remember this! We are now dealing with insurance, therapy for Jesse and the aftermath of stuff we lost in the car. Keep us in your prayers as we try to put this behind us!

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Daniel and Kristi Redding said...

This is absolutely horrifying. I can't imagine.


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