Friday, August 6, 2010

From Ft. Campbell Back To Knoxville

The time has finally come - our tranistion out of active duty Army! Jesse has moved us back to our house in Knoxville and it is crazy to have this much space compared to what we were living in on post. My mom came up to Ft. Campbell to help watch Ellie while we loaded the truck and checked out of housing (stressful process). Our last few days at Ft. Campbell went by really fast, filled with sad goodbyes to our Army friends and family and tons of packing and cleaning. Plus, dealing with details from our wreck and details from clearing post filled up every free minute we had.

We have been looking forward to the time we could move back to Knoxville and move on with our lives from the hard years of Army life, but on the day we left, I will admit that it was tough to say goodbye to that world/lifestyle. It's all we have known the past 3+ years and it's a world that we brought our first child into. So, as I drove away from our house and from Gate 1, I reflected on our time there and got a little sad leaving it behind. We made some great friends that we would have only had met through this experience and we hated to say goodbye to our support away from home. Thanks to our OCF family, the Teter's, the Connor's and our great neighbor's the Moore's. We will always remember our time in the Army and the friends we made. I will miss walks with Claire around Werner Park, OCF Bible Study on Tuesday nights, my Austin Peay co-workers and students, cheap meat at the Commisary, the local restaurants we enjoyed (El Bracero, Yamato, Blackhorse Pub, Silke's Bakery) and our little home away from home we made. Goodbye, Ft. Campbell! Hello, Knoxville!

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