Monday, August 23, 2010

8 Months Old

Ellie turned 8 months recently and I wanted to update on her progress. Each day she does something new and it's so exciting to see her learn and discover our world through her eyes. It makes you appreciate the small things. Here are a few new things about her:

  1. She has her 3rd tooth coming in (middle top left one) and is learning to bite and chew her food with them.
  2. She is down to 4 bottles a day and 3 meals of solids a day, including meats such has chicken, ham and ground beef and beans, cheese, yogurt and small pasta. I'm so proud of her for how well she is adapting to new foods. I just have to be creative in making them!
  3. She can sit up for a while, but she's not too fond of it. She would rather just stand or scooch. Her scooching is getting faster the more she does it, but hopefully she will soon learn to lift her body up to crawl.
  4. She loves to be around other kids and her family. She lights up with smiles whenever she is around other people. I can see her really observe her surroundings when we go new places.
  5. She LOVES books, especially the ones that have things she can touch in them. She also likes to chew on them when she's done reading!
  6. She is drinking bottles with the "fast" nipples finally! I hate typing that word but this is a big accomplishment. She was such a spit-up baby and now, she rarely spits up on us. We were unable to use the faster flowing ones due to her spitting it up so much.
  7. She has her own little laugh and loves to talk to her bath toys each night.
  8. She now sleeps with a little bear blanket regularly.
  9. She is wearing 6 month clothing, but will be wearing 6-9 month clothing very soon.
  10. She can say the sound "da da da da" but she's still working on associating it with Jesse.

We are so proud of our baby girl. She starts a Parents Day Out program this week, which will be tough for me to leave her at, but I take comfort in the fact that her teacher is my best friend, Becca! I'll get to have some time to work on my classes, go to the grocery store, work out, etc. on Thursdays for a few hours, so I look forward to it. She also gets to be around other kids her age, which was important to us to make sure she has that time to socially develope! Wish us luck!


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