Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

We spent Jesse's 1st Father's Day over in Knoxville. We got in on Thursday and went to Parker and Taylor's 2nd Swim Meet to visit with everyone. Ellie, of course, was so excited to see her cousins and all the other action going on at the pool. She even dipped her feet in the pool again with Aunt April, but got a little upset when she wasn't allowed to sit in it! I got a few fun pictures of Ellie playing on her blanket while there.

We spent some time working on the house and unpacking our stuff from our partial move we did Memorial Day weekend. We get more and more excited about actually living in our house every time we go there - it's really coming together! We are also learning a lot as we do most of the updates ourselves. Guess that's what happens when you are finally a homeowner. :)

We spent Father's Day with Jesse's family, first at the Dunn's house where Ellie put on her 1st swimsuit and got in the water with her counsin, Parker. She wasn't too sure about what to think of the water and eventually she wanted out of the Bumbo. We let her sit in there with Parker for a bit, but then she had enough!

That evening, we spent some time at Jesse's parents house for some time for Jesse to watch sports with his dad. Ellie got some quality time with her grandfather and daddy to wrap up a good day! Happy Father's Day to a wonderful husband who gave me a beautiful daughter who loves to smile at her daddy! Ellie is truly blessed to have you as her daddy.

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