Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ellie's 1st Christmas

My brother and sister-in-law had a chance to swing by for an early Christmas and to meet Ellie. They brought us some dinner and we exchanged presents. It was great to see my brother with Ellie as he held her in amazement that he had a niece and she was so cute. Then, she pooped in her diaper as he held her! :) Reality set in. Hopefully, it won't be too much longer for him and Jennifer to follow with one of their own! (no pressure - just when they thought it would be off of them...HA!)

One week after giving birth to Ellie, we were able to celebrate her 1st Christmas! We had the grandparents join us, making it a special day of bonding for Ellie and her new family. The grandma's made a yummy Christmas dinner for us to have (thank you guys) and presents were fun to give and open. It was great to see each set of our parents hold her and get to know her.

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Megan said...

Congrats Leslie! So excited to see such a beautiful future Crestridger :-)


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