Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm a Paintin' Pro!!!

My project to keep myself busy through my husband's deployment and unemployment season has been to paint my entire house. I've gone from room to room, planning each color strategically. There were some factors to consider, like if I did neutral colors that other people might like, I might not have to paint it back when we leave in a few years. First, I attacked the kitchen with my mom and we knocked it out in a day...with green! It took 2 tries at the color to find the right shade. Next, I did the family room and hallways in a light khaki shade with a little help from my friend Heather on the vaulted ceilings area. My bedroom was next with a dark khaki and then I did my bathroom in a regular shade of khaki. The last room was my extra bedroom in a nice blue shade. It has been a good learning experience and it really does make a difference in a house to put colors on the wall. It's now truly "our home"!


tsimmons said...

Oh my goodness you really have been painting up a storm! The colors look good though. I'm proud of you LC. And it looks like you had a good time Cinnci too.

Claire said...

I really really love the powder blue color- so pretty! Jesse is going to love and appreciate all your hard work!

And now Callie can be free from the burden of paint lurking about waiting to ambush her :)

Speaks Family said...

You go, I despise painting. I'd rather roll sod. I'm serious.


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