Sunday, August 3, 2008

Callie and her mousy

When we took Callie to FL with us during our April leave, she had to share a house with my parents cat, Lila. Lila of course did not like another cat there, but Callie decided to pick on her by stealing her toys. One of these toys has become her favorite toy ever, her mousy. My parents graciously let Callie have the toy since she loved it so much and now, it is a toy she cannot go long without. Our house has tile floors so she can bat it around very easily and it usually ends up in the same place, under the coat closet door. When this happens, she lays in front of the door and meows to let me know that it's time to get her mousy out. It's amazing how quickly I can get it out from the closet and within a few minutes, it's back in the closet with a cat swatting her paws underneath the door to try to get it back out. I share this story since it is part of our routine every day. If you ever come to visit, you will meet her mousy and understand how obsessed she is with this toy! After she finishes irritating me with her urgency to have her toy back to play, she then will make me smile by doing something just too cute, like getting up on the couch to sleep and looking so innocent and adorable. I like her!

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Speaks Family said...

That last picture of her sitting on the couch cracked me up! Tell me you set her up that way and she didn't just do that! She looks like she has had too many booz and watched too much football. LOL


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