Friday, January 7, 2011

UT Bowl Game

Jesse and I received some "date" money from the Mason's again and we decided to use it to buy bowl tickets. We had not been able to go to a UT home game at all this season (Jesse had a ticket to go to one but ended up in the hospital that day) so we jumped on the opportunity. UT played in Nashville at the Music City Bowl so we made it an afternoon/evening date with Jesse's mom who graciously babysat for us at the house. We headed over early so we had time to eat at where else but Joe's Crab Shack! We definitely crabbed it up after about a 45 minute wait with other UT fans! They even played Rocky Top a few times while we were there. Once we finished, we walked over the pedestrian bridge to LP Field. I had never been there and it was an awesome stadium - we even had a chair back in the bleeds! It was windy and cold, but we enjoyed the game. Unfortunately, the game ended differently than we wanted, but it was overall a good game. We drove back afterwards in time to get a few hours of sleep before our baby girl woke up. Overall, a GREAT DATE! Thanks, Mason's, once again...

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