Thursday, January 20, 2011

13 Months Old!

She's still changing! Each and every day, my daughter does something new or starts figuring something out - it never gets old. So, I thought I would share some of the changes since her 1 year update.

Ellie learning to use the walker

1. She has started on her quest to be a walker. She loves using her walker from Grammie and Papa and she is getting much better at using it. We are still at the lots of steps before falling stage, but she is getting more and more confident! (1st and 2nd video taken at the end of December and the last two were taken yesterday)

2. She will wear shoes now! Thank God for Robeez - they were the only shoes she would wear for the last few weeks, but we have gotten her to wear some of her other shoes recently. Now, it's just a matter of keeping up with her size!

3. She has been basically weaned to whole milk. I still mix a little formula in because I don't have the heart to waste something so expensive, but I only have a little more to use.

4. She is a GREAT eater still and is eating more of our food as we break her stomach in gently. So far, no food allergies and with her having so many teeth, she can chew stuff really well.

5. She has started a 2 day a week program at Ridgedale Baptist Church and WE LOVE IT! They keep her from 9-2 in a room of 5 other kids her age (11 - 23 months) and it's already challenging her and helping her learn to walk. God definitely provided this program to us so I could still keep my teaching job and have her taken care of.

6. She is responding to questions a lot more like "do you want a snack?" or "do you want to walk?" and she will nod or say "yeah" (sort of). She definitely understands any words related to food, nap, bathtime, daddy, mommy, play, and some other phrases.

7. Ellie LOVES music and dancing to it. Recently, she has started doing a new dance move of shimmying her shoulders back and forth instead of just nodding her head or bouncing. Sometimes she even twists her arms around. We love her new move.

8. She is figuring out some of her new toys from Christmas and her birthday. We love watching her make sense of a new way to stack something or take something in and out of a "purse" or even pulling something apart and putting it back together.

A short clip of her taking her first steps

Changes keep happening and sometimes I miss her being that little baby that snuggled all the time with us, but I can't help but love the stage she is in where she lights up when we walk in a room and gives us a big hug and smile! Thank you God for our little Ellie Belly!

Ellie walking in some shoes other than Robeez

Ellie showing off on the walker now

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