Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ellie's 1st Flight to FL

So while Jesse is gone for a month of training at Ft. Polk, LA, I decided to plan a trip to Florida to see my parents, get some help with Ellie, and celebrate my birthday (Publix cake - YUM). Just thinking about the trip made me have a headache due to the logistics of getting us down there. I booked a flight so not only was I worried about how she would do on an airplane, but I also had to get down there by myself so mom and I would have a car when we came back. I will say that I really miss the days of 1 suitcase and carryon! Some of you reading this will laugh because of the conversations I had to think through everything like feedings (where and when), baby gear, checking in luggage, security (what I can take or can't), etc. Well, we made it down in 1 piece but I have never been so glad to see my mom at the end of the concourse tram waiting for me! Ellie did great on the flight down so I was relieved, but exhausted when we arrived at home.
It was great for my parents to get to spend quality time with Ellie, which in turn gave me breaks throughout the day from being a single parent. We had lots of visitors come meet her (Connie & Ron, Karen, Aunt Cathy & Uncle Whit, Ashley, and Hayley) and we even went up to my dad's office to let him show his first grandchild off. Ellie also met my parent's cat Lila, who did not know what to do with a baby in the house! Mom and I went to the annual Bartow Bloomin' Arts Festival to get out and walk around, and I even found a neat piece of pottery while there. I also got to get out with my friend Shari for lunch and a mani/pedi - it was the most time I have spent away from Ellie, but I missed her! I had a great time getting out for sanity and I got to have lots of mommy talk with Shari. It was also great to get some sun on my last day there for a little Vitamin D and color.

Mom and I flew back together on one of the worst flights of turbulance I have been on, but Ellie was a trooper and didn't get fussy until the very end when we were decending. I can't complain! It was so nice having the help and getting the breaks from my parents, but most importantly, Ellie got to spend lots of time with them both and they got to get to know her. I have my fingers crossed for my parents to buy a place in Knoxville eventually! :)

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