Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our First Place

We bought a house! Long story short, Jesse and I found a house back in November and put a contract on it to close this past weekend. Unfortunately, it ended up falling through due to structural issues that were found in the inspection. It's really crazy how God works things out - we found another house the same weekend we decided to back out of the other contract! It is an even better floor plan and exactly what we were looking for - AND it's in the same neighborhood as my best friend, Becca!! Normally, this house would be priced a lot higher, but the owners were relocating for their jobs and sold it for a STEAL! We put in an offer the day before I was induced and found out our offer was accepted during labor - HA! What's even better is that the owner used to be stationed at Ft. Campbell in the 101st Airborne and it was one of the reasons our offer was taken over others. It's a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath + bonus room house and is such a reward of our hard work over the course of our marriage - what a blessing!

Yesterday, we closed on the house and finally finished this long process towards home ownership. We are so excited about it and can't wait to move back to Knoxville! Oh and of course the low interest rates and tax credit are an added bonus. Now if only we could have been on "My First Place" with HGTV and gotten a room done in our house for us...


Daniel and Kristi Redding said...

Yay! Congratulations. It's a beautiful house :)

Claire said...

WOOHOO! Congrats!


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