Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Daddy Time with Ellie

Whenever we give Ellie a bath, this is a fun time for her and Jesse. He gets in the tub with her and comforts her during the entire process, while Mommy is the bad guy and scrubs her up. (Whenever we get a video of her getting her hair washed, I'll be sure to post it because it is hilarious)! After we finish, Jesse puts her in a towel and warms her up while I clean up everything and get the lotion. Then, I come and put baby lotion all over her while Jesse continues talking to her. When we put her on her belly so I can get her backside, Jesse always gets down on the bed and Ellie just stares at him. Recently, she has been "talking" with him so I had to video it tonight and share! Listen closely and you will hear her talk back with him a few times!

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