Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mercy Me Concert

Jesse and I took our last trip over to Knoxville two weekends ago to do an early Thanksgiving with his immediate family since we all had other places to be for this past weekend. It also ended up being the weekend Mercy Me came in to town for a concert so of course we had to go! They had 2 openers, one of which was 10th Avenue North, who was very good live. Mercy Me did a great job as usual! We asked Becca and Steve Denny to join us so it was a great time sharing this concert with them. Afterwards, we were able to visit with Mike (lead guitarist for Mercy Me who is from my hometown) and catch up with him and his little family. It was a great concert and I highly recommend anyone who reads this to try to catch them the next time they are anywhere close to you for one of their concerts - Bart really has a way of leading worship instead of it being all about the band and their songs.
(Our friend Mike Scheuchzer is the one in the plaid shirt with the hat on below)

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