Sunday, August 30, 2009

FREE Carrie Underwood Concert- count me in!

Every year, Ft. Campbell hosts "Week of the Eagles" to celebrate the history of the 101st Airborne Division with many different activities and competitions. Fortunately, one of those events includes a free concert and this year, Carrie Underwood came! Our friend Claire saved us seats since she could get their earlier than us and we met up with her and her hubby for the event. It was open to the public, so people came out of the woodwork to come (about 75,000 people to give you a rough estimate). The concert started with John Rich (who was AWFUL - had 2 different sets that consisted of about 20 minutes of music and 40 minutes of talking about the war - BOO), Hank Williams, JR (had the rednecks praisin' Jesus for country), Jake Owen (was ok compared to the others) and Carrie Underwood (she was just as good live as she was in Pennsylvania last year when we saw her - can't beat it!). It was a late night, but a great evening with our friends. I wanted to show you some pictures of the actual concert, but also some of the people we saw. The first is of a lady that had her belly hanging over my chair talking to someone and it grossed me out. Next is a picture of a lady having a spiritual experience during Hank Williams JR followed by us with the Teters. Good fun for everyone!

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Claire said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHA I love the picture of you sitting there all awkwardly witht hat lady next to you! HILARIOUS!


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