Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jesse's 29th Birthday

Jesse finally is the same age as me...the long month and 20 days of me being older is over (numbers-wise)! We had a great birthday weekend celebration. We started the weekend on Friday with an appointment with a Thyroid specialist to finally find out what Jesse has wrong with him - Thyroiditis with a hint of Hoshimoto's in his levels. To anyone with thyroid issues, they probably understand what this means, but to those like myself who didn't have a clue, it means that for the next few months, Jesse will have hyperthyroidism, then level out at normal for 2-3 months and then end with 2-3 months of hypothyroidism. Due to the hint of Hoshimoto's, he might permanently have hypothyroidism, but he also could level back to normal. The only bad thing about all this short-term is that he can't get any medicine to help, but long-term, it's the best thing to have if you have thyroid issues - NO SURGERY and a chance at not having to take a pill the rest of his life! Anyway, we celebrated with lunch at Schlotsky's and a movie. We met up with our friends, the Mason's, for a celebration at Joe's Crab Shack to crab it up. Jesse was forced by the head waitress (this was all Cindy's doing, not mine but man I enjoyed it) to "ride a horse" around the restaurant while everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to him with some orders to stop periodically...check out the video below:

The next day, we had a lazy morning and then went out for a hike at Land Between the Lakes at a trail called "Honker Trail". The weather was BEAUTIFUL here and our only negative was that halfway through the trail, we were supposed to cross Lake Barkley on a mini-dam but it was flooded over, so we had to hike back the way we had come. Despite that hang-up, we had a good time just being outdoors and hiking together. We ended his birthday celebration by having a few friends over for dinner and peanut butter brownies (Jesse's request for his cake). It was a great way to celebrate his last birthday in his 20's - full of answers, friends, good food and fun!

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Claire said...

My day just got made by this video. I love it! Happy Birthday Jesse!


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