Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend Celebration - Knoxville style!

Where else would we spend Easter than in Knoxville, TN?! We arrived Friday night in time to meet up with Jesse's parents and sister, Jamie, at Jason's Deli - that's a great place! I'd never been there. The next day, we were able to do a few errands in the morning after a yummy breakfast at Cracker Barrel with his parents. We met up with the Purnell's, Stansell's and McNair's for lunch at the new Casa de Purnell! :) Their house is beautiful and it was great to be able to really visit with them. Then, we went to the new Casa de Denny, which was AMAZING! Becca and Steve found them an incredible deal on a new home in Knoxville - I'm so happy my best friend lives in Knoxville permanently now! We finished our evening with more errands and a yummy dinner at our favorite - Calhoun's (http://www.calhouns.com/). Sunday, we were able to go to Providence Church (http://www.providencechurch.com/) for the Easter Service, which was incredible as we expected it would be. It's so great to be able to catch up with our friends and celebrate the Resurrection of Christ with the church family we love the most. We ended our great weekend with an Easter lunch at the Dunn's house with Jesse's family (check out our adorable niece and nephew below). We had a wonderful time touching base with friends and family - we miss Knoxville!

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Claire said...

I love the little flower headband! so cute.


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