Saturday, December 27, 2008

Venice, Italy

We took an afternoon train over to Venice to stay for 2 nights. We were a little nervous about going there because we had heard about the flooding of the city and were unsure if we could get around to see everything because of it. We got there when it was dark, took a boat taxi to St. Mark's Square and then found our hotel. We checked in and then went to find somewhere to eat. By the time we finished our dinner at a little pub, we realized that many of the streets that we had used before were flooded so Jesse was our navigator and eventually found us a way home without having to get wet.

The next day, we spent walking around the city. Even though it was rainy off and on all day, we really enjoyed exploring the island. The city was so unique and fascinating - surrounded by water with no cars on the island, it was amazing seeing how people live their lives there. It was definitely a place we'd love to spend time in when it is warmer and not flooded, but we still were able to see the city and enjoy it just as it is. And, of course we had gelato - how can you not when you see it in the store window (pic below)?!

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