Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nice, France

The next city we flew to was Nice, France. Sadly, we didn't get there until it was dark so we didn't get to see any of it during normal day light. BUT, we went down to the Old City and walked around. Oddly enough, it was like being in "Little Italy" with the small streets, tall buildings and cafes everywhere. We had dinner and then walked around the area, ending at the boardwalk along the coast. The difference there is that their beach isn't covered in sand - it's covered in stones of all sizes! We decided that Nice was a place we wouldn't mind returning to during the Summer to be able to enjoy it to it's fullest potential. The next morning, we had a train to Torino, Italy and we were able to see more of the coastline and area during this ride. You are on the beach, but surrounded by the Alps so it was beautiful. Enjoy!

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