Sunday, July 27, 2008

Spouse's Tour

This week, I had a unique opportunity to go on the Spouse's Tour. This is a tour they give to the Army volunteers of a unit. The tour itself is amazing...they try to show you and let you experience things your husband does as a soldier. We started the day with a briefing about Ft. Campbell itself by the LTC of the Garrison. Then, we went to the 3rd Brigade's Engagement Skills Training facility and learned how to shoot M4's in their simulators. That was just too cool! Next, we went to the Air Assault School and first saw an obstacle course they have to pass that was demonstrated to us by a soldier. THEN, we went over to the rappelling area and got to do it ourselves! It was insane and scary, but I'm so glad I did it! There are several techniques they use to rappel out of helicopters, but we all used the same technique for beginners. The harness was a rope tied in several knots on us and then hooked up to a caribeaner. I have officially done something in the Army my husband has not done yet!! He will do the school when he returns from the deployment. I will say this about the school...any fear of heights will have to be thrown out the window for any soldier that wants to complete it! After we rappelled, they took us to one of the 101st Dining Facilities to eat lunch. Afterwards, they took us to Cassidy MOUT, a training facility that is designed to look like a middle-eastern city that is full of effects to make it as realistic as possible. It was really neat! They showed us many of the effects they use, like sound, explosions and even smells. To end our neat tour, we went to the Pratt Museum here on base that is for the 101st Division. It is really well put together and it was neat to see it. Overall, it was a great once-in-a-lifetime experience to play Army for the day and I got to do it with other wives in the unit. My husband was so proud of me for doing it and it helped me understand a little more about what they do to prepare him for combat. HOOAH!


tsimmons said...

Wow LC, that's really cool. I know Jesse is so proud of you...and I am too.

Claire said...

so cool, i hope my bn does this!

Anonymous said...

Lil LL,
I am so impressed! You Rock!

Speaks Family said...

I hope I get to do that! You looked so cute shooting your gun. Hmmm, cute shooting your gun. Well, you did.
Love ya, Meg


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