Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hurry up....and wait!

That is the saying of the Army these days. Hurry up and be here on time, and then wait a while. Jesse was scheduled to leave as of Friday on a flight and we were told today that he is actually on "standby" for that flight now and it's not even leaving on Friday anymore. Who knows?! We are just trying to get in family visits and get all of the "little things" done before he leaves so that we can have a non-stressed goodbye. It's amazing how much you value the little moments with your spouse when you know you won't be able to have them in person for the next 7 months. If I am learning anything these days, it's that God provides in unique ways, usually not in the ways you expect. God has truly put a great support system here at Ft. Campbell for me full of Christian women who are going or have already gone through the same phase as myself. They have been super encouraging and have kept my mind focused on how God will take care of Jesse and I. Also, you can't live on base here and think that you are the only one going through a hard time...there is no room to feel sorry for yourself and that is great accountability! Everyone grieves at first, but you just get in a routine and move on. Thankfully, due to the advance in technology, Jesse and I will be able to talk pretty often. We will keep everyone posted as everything progresses.

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