Saturday, June 28, 2008

The 1st Deployment Goodbye

Yesterday, I did it. I said goodbye to my husband for the rest of the year. It was one of the worst experiences, knowing your companion and safety net is gone. BUT, I will say that God truly knows what I can and can't handle. I had my time of grief and then I just realized that it was time to move on. We didn't know Jesse was on the flight for sure until yesterday morning, so it has been quite the roller coaster of preparing for the goodbyes. There is no way I could have done this again a few weeks later because there wasn't room on the flight. Jesse left yesterday and just arrived in Kuwait this afternoon. SO, he made it safely and that's all I ask. I wouldn't ask for anyone to have to go through this. BUT, the comfort I have is that the Lord is our strength and He will take care of us during this time in our lives. Go get 'em, Lt.!


Our Princess said...

We're praying for you both! You are so right! God does know just what we can handle. It is so good to know that we are ALL in His hands! Take care & hang in there!

Claire said...

Ugggh. I do dread it. I'm encouraged to see that you are doing so well- I expected nothing less, of course. I'm glad we're in this together!

T-Money said...

Man! Hang in there girl! I can't imagine what it is like for you! I am so proud of you! You all are in my prayers!!!


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